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Austria Family Law

AUSTRIA AND CHILD ABDUCTION: US Department of State 2016 Report on Compliance with the Hague

Austria partnered with the United States under the Convention in 1988. The Austrian Central Authority processes cases promptly and forwards them to the judiciary. It communicates with Austrian courts on behalf of applicant parents. The Government of Austria has taken steps to improve the processing of Convention cases, including legislation that in 2005 concentrated jurisdiction for Convention return cases to 16 district courts.

In 2015, Austria failed to fully comply with its obligations under the Convention. In 2015, the length of the Austrian appeals process for Convention petitions delayed the resolution of one international parental child abduction case involving children whose habitual residence is the United States, and the length of time the children were in Austria as a result of this delay was a factor in the Court's decision to deny return in the underlying Convention proceeding.

To improve the resolution of abduction cases in Austria, the Department recommends that the United States promote training with judicial authorities on the effective handling of international parental child abduction cases.

Austria's relevant stats regarding Abduction & Access cases in 2015 can be seen below:

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