International Divorce Representation

We provide quality legal services specifically tailored for people involved in international divorces.

Married business and professional people who spend lots of time overseas - increasingly the thing to do when building a business, or just having fun, in the global village - become ever more subject to an increasing number of legal jurisdictions.

The model of a family unit that has a single permanent residency is becoming increasingly outmoded. But, in spite of the trend towards globalization, there continue to be very sharp differences between the divorce laws of many different countries -- and even between the laws of different provinces or states within the same country. In addition, the procedures of courts in different countries vary enormously.

As a result, the decision about which law applies to a divorce, custody, support or other matrimonial case and the decision as to which court will hear the case can have an enormous impact on the eventual outcome of the case. These issues are often extremely complex and confusing, even to lawyers are very familiar with the laws of their local jurisdiction.

That's where we come in.

We can help to guide you to the best decision and then take you through the entire process.

We have the experience, know-how, international experience and connections with matrimonial counsel internationally to provide you with appropriate advice and strong, effective representation. We operate locally in New York and New Jersey, with a global network of correspondents and contacts.

We are extremely experienced in representing divorcing clients whose affairs are international.

We offer sensible advice and effective representation to our clients, based on our great experience in international matrimonial and business matters, together with plain common sense. We provide an extremely personalized service, quickly and efficiently. We get the job done for our clients so that they can get on with their lives.

We consult with clients who are moving to a new stage of their lives. Many of them have assets in multiple jurisdictions, have more than one residency, have business affairs in different locations and have great concerns about the residency, the custody and the well-being of their children.

Our clients are frequently in great need of expert, practical advice that is based on an understanding of the laws of different states, provinces or countries. They need our counsel - often in conjunction with local counsel in other jurisdictions -- to create intelligent strategies that will lead them most effectively to the next stages of their lives.

We understand the concerns of our clients. They are frequently under unusual stress and sometimes in great crisis. They require special understanding and support. We also know that divorce does not exist in a vacuum. We have had our own direct and personal experiences of divorce and we have a full appreciation of the stresses and the practicalities of life in the real world.

Providing wise and experienced legal counsel to international families for many years

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