Here's what some of our clients had to say about us...

Universally Recognized Expert in International Child Custody Matters

Kindly accept my most sincere thanks for your expert report followed by your expert witness and opinion. You are a universally recognized expert in international child custody matters, and I am fortunate to get your expert witness and defend my case of child abduction. Your testimony and your expert opinion made the difference in this case to safeguard my children. I am deeply obliged to your invaluable help and support in our efforts to safeguard my children from the potential trap of India visit. I will remember your help forever.

We are home with the kids!!!

Thank you all for your help. We would not have this day and the kids back without the help of each and every one of you. Words cannot express our gratitude. Thank you for everything you did for our family. 

You stopped me from going in the wrong direction and pivoted me in a proper and strategic position

Jeremy is a silver lining to me when I struggled getting my son back. I'm so glad that I reached out to him when I did not know how to proceed and I followed his advice along the way. He stopped me from going in the wrong direction and pivoted me in a proper and strategic position. THE Hague attorney I would call him. A true and unbeatable expert in the international family law field. Ms.Nag who works alongside with him is also knowledgeable, dedicated and humane. I would highly recommend this law firm!

Your specialty and dedication is what made this happen!

I wanted to let you know that my son was returned to New York yesterday and he's already running in the playground. I wanted to express my gratitude to you as I wouldn't have had this wonderful moment without you. Your specialty and dedication is what makes this happen! I'm glad that I reached out to you back in July when I did not know how to proceed. Here is a picture of my son taken yesterday and he wants to say “Thank you for bring me home”.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

"I don't think this beautiful moment with my kids would happen without the letter you wrote -- you made this happen Jeremy! Thank you so much :)"

Thank you for all that you did to save my kids.

"I want to thank you for all that you did for me today to help me save my kids. 
I never can thank you enough."

Thank you for your contribution, knowledge, and expertise.

"As a single mother fighting for 7 years to protect my only daughter, I can only express my gratitude to you in words and pray that if there is a god or similar superpower, I hope they recognize your contributions, knowledge and expertise to the legal community and more importantly to our society. Thank you for everything; your contributions, time and your expertise in protecting all the vulnerable children in this world."

Thankful and appreciative of your knowledge and expertise regarding my case

I cannot express how thankful and appreciative I am of your knowledge and expertise regarding my case. This report is the absolute embodiment of clearly portraying the major risks and concerns regarding [my child's] safety first among all other things.

Can not thank you enough for your help on my Hague case

Dear Jeremy, I can not thank you enough for your help on my Hague case in the Western District of Michigan and Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. We could not have had more expert counsel. Thank you for your compassion, which I always felt. I am forever grateful. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Vast International Knowledge

Mr. Morley has a vast international knowledge and a vast knowledge of how lawyers/courts actually work, overseas. Had I done the initial consultation with Morley before I agreed to my wife taking a job overseas, I would probably have my daughter right now. As an American isolated abroad (I am the “Trailing Spouse”), it was great that in addition to his knowledge, Mr. Morley seems an honestly nice guy, there to help. Highly, highly recommended. Talk to him – first – if you have any questions about an international child custody situation or moving abroad with your child. 

Your expertise and opinion was responsible for our success

I just wanted to reach out with an update.  We were successful in convincing the Judge that a move-away to Japan would not be in the child's best interest.  ... I have no doubt that your expertise and opinion was responsible for our success. It was truly enlightening and a pleasure to work with you.

To say I am grateful to you would be gross understatement!

To say I am grateful to you would be gross understatement! Last night I slept through 5:15 am, the first night I have not woken up in the middle of the night in YEARS... You guys made clear, concise and unbiased arguments to make my reality clear to the judge. How can I ever thank you!

An Expert and Wise Person

"I thank you for everything. You gave me security from the first moment, from our first phone call.
Together we have followed a path in which you - an expert and wise person - have guided us all.

I will not forget you and Your help all my life."

Incredibly Insightful Testimony

"I believe your testimony was incredibly insightful and think it was very beneficial."

We Found the Children

"Thank you Jeremy, we have found the children and they are now here with me... there's no way they would be here without you."

Clarifying the Doubts

" Hi Jeremy,
I can't thank you enough for our consultation last week. It really clarified the challenges for me."

He is the Best

"Guys I am fighting a very complex battle internationally- Jeremy is the best he is thorough, and expert witness and has an impeccable reputation internationally and has a thorough understanding of international law. Consider yourself lucky and blessed by god if you are in his guidance."

Legal Guru

"Jeremy was my legal guru in a multi-jurisdictional complicated divorce case. He quarterbacked the process communicating with legal advisors around the world...I felt throughout that Jeremy cared genuinely about my challenges."

Thanks for the new life!

"Your advice worked like a charm...the children were turned over to my client and she was authorized to take them back to [her country]."

5 Star Recommendation for Jeremy Morley

"Jeremy Morley did an excellent job in both advising and structuring a complicated prenuptial agreement for me. He explained clearly what could and could not be done in New York and he helped me craft a solution that was acceptable to all sides. I would whole-heartedly recommend him to any friend."

Totally Worth it!

"Hi Jeremy, thanks very much for today's consultation. It was incredibly informative and insightful."

Thank You Note

"I am writing to thank you for your appearance today and for your wonderful testimony...The Judge ruled in my favor and did not allow my ex-wife to travel with our daughter...The Judge spoke very highly of you and your testimony in his closing comments, I certainly feel your testimony made the difference to the overall outcome. My parents and I want to thank you for helping me keep my daughter in America."

Unique Solutions to Unique Problems

"I came to Jeremy Morley with a unique problem: how to relocate to Tokyo, Japan as a single father of two boys, and as an American.  My job prospects were significantly better in Japan than in the U.S., but I was unsure how as a non-Japanese I could raise my sons in a nation with a such vastly different approach to child custody.  Jeremy Morley gave me timely, expert advice about structuring my divorce in a way that made this possible.  He introduced a me to an important expert witness for my divorce case. After the divorce, he wrote an opinion regarding Connecticut law for use in Japanese court.  On the basis of my experience with his deep knowledge of Japanese legal issues and his high quality, professional service, I would recommend him to any expatriate in Japan seeking legal advice concerning international divorce."

Honest and Sincere Advice

"I returned to New York with my 3 year old son from England following a Hague Convention trial...my initial telephone consultation with Jeremy Morley gave me the confidence that not only was he an expert, but his advice was totally honest, realistic, and clear. I knew what my options were and what to expect. For my personal situation he recommended his associate Anne Glatz to take on my case...I now have full custody and permanent relocation to the UK. Throughout what has been the most difficult and lonely time in my life, having someone I could trust has been invaluable for not only for me, but for my family waiting in England. I have not once doubted her dedication, professionalism, and expertise in all aspects of child law and international custody and relocation.Jeremy, thank you for expeditious and excellent work on my case!"

Careful Guidance

"Jeremy, I have successfully relocated. I have to tell you, that without your assistance, guidance and assistance in preparing my thought process for dealing with the situation, I would be in a very different place right now. Thank you so much for your careful guidance."

Great Team

"Nobody understands the subject of Hague child abduction law better than Jeremy Morley and his team. They are the foremost experts in this area and practise the law with high integrity, conviction and success. These are the people you want representing you."

Fabulous Job

"I thought you did a fabulous job, and feel that you turned out to be the only expert that the Judge listened to on any level..."

Winning the Hague Legal Battle

"The complex Hague legal battle has been won! I greatly appreciate your professionalism in assisting me win my case. I would not have been able to navigate the stormy international skies without your expertise!"

An Inspiration!

"I have to tell you that my contact with you has been an inspiration. Your advice and help is priceless to me. I am a doctor and I see a lot of people and I provide services to them. This situation is making me take everything a lot more to heart in my wanting to offer the best and most effective service."

A True Professional

"Jeremy is a top-notch divorce attorney, well-versed in the intricacies of international divorce. I highly recommend him to my colleagues, because he helped me map out an appropriate strategy and was always a consummate professional throughout the whole process. His response time was timely and his billings were reasonable."

Hague Convention Case

"I contacted Jeremy Morley in regard to my pending Hague Convention case in the United Kingdom where I was trying to have my daughter returned to her home in Connecticut. I contacted Mr. Morley to assist in the development of my case a short time prior to when the hearing was scheduled to take place."

A Superb International Family Lawyer

"Mr. Morley is an incredibly knowledgeable and bright attorney. I used him an an expert in a family law case to prove that California custody orders are not enforceable in Japan and the Court relied on his testimony to deny the opposing party's move away request.  His website is also a phenomenal resource that I continue to use to this day."

Highest Standards

"Jeremy Morley is an excellent attorney and a kind person. I contacted Jeremy after five months of shock, insecurity and disorientation. After only minutes into our conversation, I felt Jeremy knew what we needed to do. Jeremy was always available, even when a European attorney could only work with him on the 4th of July weekend. Thanks to Jeremy, a bad situation is behind me, and I have no regrets. I 'won' so I can go forward living comfortably."

Your Help was Incredible

"Jeremy, We want to let you know how incredibly important your help was to us. The case was finally resolved last week, and it would not have happened without your help. Your affidavit was extremely persuasive and changed the entire complexion of the case. Our lawyers and the mediator said it was the most difficult case they had ever dealt with. Had you not helped us so much, I am sure we would have been exposed to terrible risk. My goodness, we were desperate, and a man whom we only knew through the internet reached out and helped to lift us out of a treacherous situation. We will always be very grateful. We will never be able to repay you for how much you helped us."

We Appreciate Your Kindness

"We were all very grateful that your presence before the judge made the difference in our case. I hope all mothers and families could have the same opportunity to be defended by you, the very best attorney and a wonderful person. We will never have enough words to thank you for your kindness."

Deep Knowledge

"Jeremy was knowledgeable about the complexities of international marriages. He understood both the technical 'legal' aspect as well as the prevailing interpretation of the law abroad. In addition he brought a common sense approach that helped to set expectations without being biased. The advice was sincere, accurate and concise."

Great Report and Testimony

"Your report and testimony were found to be instrumental for the court to decide the custody and visitation. I have no words to express my gratitude for the help and support extended by you. I truly appreciate it."

Ever so Thankful

"Mr. Morley. The only thing I can say is thank you. Thank you for all that you have done for me. You believed in me when no one else bothered to try. You have made me believe that there are hopes for my future...There are no words that can express that sort of gratitude."

Unmatched Expertise

"Your blog today, Strategic International Divorce Planning, is absolutely brilliant. It is by far the most comprehensive and incisive rendition of the subject. Needless for me to say, it also conveys the exceptional depth of your knowledge and skill."

Quick and Efficient Service

"I can't thank you enough for your speedy attention to this matter...We certainly sent a strong message today thanks in large measure to compelling affidavit material."

He is 'The Authority'

"Jeremy Morley is perhaps THE world authority on international family / custody / relocation issues. He maintains the highest standards of professionalism, is obviously brilliant, and has an incredible wealth of information at his fingertips which he so efficiently processes to tackle even the most complex of problems. If you ever want a 'go-to' guy in the field, look no further than Jeremy."

Great help with the Prenup

"Jeremy, I appreciate your efficient and professional efforts in helping us preparing our international prenuptial agreement. Thank you very much also for always being there to answer my questions and offering advice in the entire process from initial consultation to final execution."

A Thorough Professional

"Thank you again for all the professional help you gave me and I am sure you can greatly help my friend ---- !! I totally understand the pain she's having now, and I hope she can have her kids back to her asap!!" I'd like to thank both of you again...for all your excellent work...If we are successful in persuading either court to grant a stay of the custody order, it will certainly be in large part due to the strength of the declaration you were able to provide us on short notice."

Best Lawyer in the Field

"Mr. Jeremy Morley is the best attorney a parent can hire in a situation involving the difficult and emotional cases of 'parental abduction'. He was extremely comforting and professional. He went to bat for me on all fronts and I have full confidence that I hired the best lawyer in the world."

My Grandchildren are Safe

"Thank you for all your help when we needed it. My grandchildren were successfully prevented from being taken out of the country and their parents are sharing their custody. Again, thank you. You gave us comfort and we will not forget it."

Unparalleled Expert on Child Custody Issues

"Your service and expertise is on a level all its own. You are the unparalleled expert in international child custody issues! Words cannot express the gratitude you have shown and advised me with! I am glad the Judge could see the situation clearly."

Empathetic Consultation

"I would especially like to thank Jeremy Morley, Attorney at Law, for his informative and empathetic consultation. I believe his work is truly admirable and his effort to get the word out was what brought this matter to public attention. No words can describe the appreciation to you and your staff in assisting (my daughter). You will always be remembered. May you continue to impact family law at such a global level."

Your Advice was Priceless

"I suffered a terrible shock when my wife declared she was keeping our child in the UK and would not be returning to our home in the US. Since she was unwilling to return with our child, I had to take immediate action. After an internet search for help with child abduction, I called Jeremy Morley's phone number. Within one hour, he had prepared a detailed letter to my wife explaining the dire consequences of her actions and within the next 48 hours, wife and child were back in the US...I am eternally grateful for the speed and advice I received from Jeremy."

Not Enough Stars

"From the time I first became aware that my daughter might be facing a Hague suit, Jeremy provided exceptionally sound, clear counsel. Although the trial was not in New York and Jeremy could not actually represent my daughter, he continued to be available, providing expertise to her lawyer and tremendous support to me and my family, even calling us while on vacation. He took a personal interest in us, was willing to call colleagues on our behalf, and answered all queries very promptly with a great deal of sensitivity for our anguish. Anyone facing the horror of a Hague would be very lucky to retain Jeremy and wise to listen to him from the beginning."

Professional Excellence

"Dear Jeremy, it has been a gratifying experience to have been acquainted with you. We appreciate your professional excellence in the handling of the case."

Personal Touch

"Thanking you for all your hard work, advice and most of all your personal touch. You are truly a kind hearted and lovely person."

Thank You Jeremy

"As so many days passed I still couldn't believe what happened to me. And I am soooooo lucky that I can have my son with me now, I almost lost him forever!!! And I am so lucky that I have best lawyer that helped me...I really want to say a truly thank you for all the things you have done to let me get my son back, and all the words you told me as a father which you don't have to...I appreciate it."

From a Happy Client

"Simple words cannot describe how Mr. Morley's experience and thorough knowledge in the subject of international law helped me get back my children to the U.S.A. Now I am a very happy father enjoying every moment with my kids. Guess what? Now my wife and I are in the path of complete reconciliation with kids around both of us!" 

Bottom Line: We Won!

"Bottom line, we won and the girls are staying home where they belong. Your opinions were central to our success and my client asked that I thank you for all that you did for her and her family. I, too, am very thankful."

Providing wise and experienced legal counsel to international families for many years

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