Japanese Family Law

The Law Office of Jeremy D. Morley is extremely experienced in handling international family law matters concerning Japan.

We have represented very many clients, both Japanese and non-Japanese, in international divorce and custody cases that concern Japan.

We have written extensively on the topic of Japanese family law. 

We work with counsel in Japan whenever appropriate.

Jeremy Morley has conducted extensive and continuous research on the Japanese family law system.

Jeremy Morley has lectured at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tokyo on the topic of Japan and the Hague Abduction Convention.

Jeremy Morley has been an expert witness who has frequently given expert affidavit, telephone, video and in-person evidence to courts in the United States and around the world concerning Japan and international family law, particularly as to international child abduction to Japan.

He has been interviewed frequently by U.S., Japanese and international news organizations on the topic of internatioanl child abduction to Japan.

Jeremy has worked extensively throughout the length and breadth of Japan and he is married to a Japanese woman.

Expert Testimony on Japanese Family Law

Mr. Morley has frequently provided expert evidence to counsel and courts concerning the family law of Japan.

A court in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, relying on Mr. Morley's testimony, stated:

“I heard expert evidence on Japan and its adherence to and enforcement of foreign parenting orders from Mr. Jeremy Morley, a New York attorney with an international family law practice and a focus on Japan and Japanese child custody law. Mr Morley has testified in other Canadian court cases and in 2016 was accepted as an expert in British Columbia proceedings ... relying on Mr. Morley's evidence.

I accept Mr. Morley's evidence regarding dad's likelihood of access to [the child] if mom is permitted to move with [the child] to Japan and dad's likelihood of success in getting [the child] back from Japan under the Hague Convention if mom takes [the child] to visit Japan and doesn't return.”

A court in San Diego, California, relying on Mr. Morley's testimony, stated:

“Father argues through the testimony of his expert Jeremy D Morley, an international recognized expert on child custody issues including international enforcement, that despite the recent changes, Japan still will not guarantee enforcement custody orders from California. He relies on his years of experience dealing with the Japanese court and testifying in other courts about Japan's failure to register or enforce non-Japanese orders.”

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Providing wise and experienced legal counsel to international families for many years

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